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Bryn Moore



Aside from a burning desire to become one of Ray Charles' Raylettes at the age of 7, 8 years of piano lessons, and performing in a local production of Little Shop as the Doo-Wop singer holding down those lower harmony parts nobody else wanted, the experience which prepared me most for creating music was LIFE. 


I grew up on the west-side of Chicago and moved to the south-side when I was 12.  There I remained, until I left for Burlington, Vermont to further my education and began my 30+ year career as a speech-language pathologist.  After surviving some of the coldest winters you can imagine, I left Vermont to continue my work and raise a family in the Hudson Valley area of New York State.  Like many of us, there were times when things in my life could have run a little smoother.  But you know what they say about hard times that don't kill you making you stronger.  You can add to that the love of good friends, recall of some of those stories 'grown folk' used to tell, and God's grace.  I've, actually, come to appreciate some of those more complicated experiences, almost as much as I have the more gratifying ones.  I write and sing about them both.


The music I write and perform is for a mature audience.  I call it 'smooth vintage soul'.....  a mixture of what we loved about the sounds of yesterday, and the multi-stylistic appeal of contemporary music made today.  The music I perform, which consists of classic renditions, as well as my own originals, bridges the genres of jazz, blues and R & B.  Many of my tunes are reminiscent of the timeless sounds of Dinah Washington, Nancy Wilson, Lou Rawls, Phoebe Snow and Norah Jones.

Where to from here??  Can't really say.  The future is something I'm sure will take care of itself without any interference from me.   All I know is that I enjoy sharing thoughts about life and relationships, at this time, through my music.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for accompanying me along this stretch of the journey.

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