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Keep It Moving by Bryn Moore picks up where her debut CD, I’m Talking to You, left off. Each original song spins a tale about spirited relationships and triumphant endings, all delivered in Bryn's soulful style with that true vintage feel.


The tracks for Keep It Moving were co-written by Brenda Moore-Frazier (Bryn) and William Bush (Prez), with the exception of “Like There’s No Tomorrow,” which was written by well-known and respected Nashville performing songwriter, musician and storyteller Verlon Thompson.


The Keep It Moving CD was produced and arranged by William Bush, who also plays the lively piano solos that make you want to move! That soul stirring guitar solo you hear on “Like There’s NoTomorrow” was performed by Gioron Wilkins, Hudson Valley, NY songwriter and musician.

Keep It Moving

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  • Keep It Moving has nine songs that spin tales, all delivered in Bryn's soulful style with that true vintage feel.

    Track 1: Keep It Moving

    Track 2: Unspoken Words

    Track 3: Better Not Waste My Time

    Track 4: I Can Do Better

    Track 5: Please Don't Stop Loving Me

    Track 6: Just One More Time

    Track 7: Like There's No Tomorrow

    Track 8: Losing Me

    Track 9:  A Perfect Fit

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