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I'm Talking to You by Bryn Moore puts a fresh new face on 'vintage' soul.  The intriguing songs on this album are original creations telling stories of truth, independence and passion - all with a sprinkling of sophisticated sass. 


Bryn's vocals are executed in a smooth and authentically refreshing style which soothes the soul like a warm tonic.  The instrumental solos played by William Bush, producer and music arranger, are exceptional and leave you begging for more.  


If you have a mature taste in music and enjoy tunes which have interesting melodies and engaging lyrics, you will love Bryn Moore's I'm Talking to You!

I'm Talking to You

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  • This I'm Talking to You CD has seven songs to soothe your vintage soul.

    Track 1: What Can We Do?

    Track 2: Keep Your Money

    Track 3: Waiting to Forget

    Track 4: I'm Talking To You

    Track 5: Dance and Chance Romance

    Track 6: Could You Be the One?

    Track 7: *Bonus (Hero's Welcome)

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